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Haas ProjektConsulting

Haas ProjektConsulting can serve as:

  • An accelerator ready to engage at any phase in a project, from brainstorming to successful product marketing.
  • A catalyst to clear away counterproductive conflicts that distract a project team or organization.
  • An energizer that can sharply raise your team’s efficiency and its success rate in innovation projects.
  • An effective integrator of new methods, techniques and tools to benefit from improvements quickly.
  • A leader, or mentor, on complex innovation projects to assure their successful realization.

Clients, their specific needs and those of the relevant project teams determine where, when and how deeply Haas ProjektConsulting gets involved. Mandates can be arranged with a high degree of flexibility: from short, sharp ad hoc interventions – for example, in stalled projects – all the way to leading business-critical long-term innovation projects.

Haas ProjektConsulting’s clients are usually manufacturers of capital goods, healthcare and medical devices and a wide range of consumer appliances.