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My article “Everyone wants their projects to succeed but still they fail,” illuminates the various perspectives necessary for innovations to succeed.
Projects, especially those targeting innovation, all too often fail. While external factors may play a role, the reasons for unsatisfactory outcomes are often internal. Does everyone involved really want success, and do they agree on how success is measured? And when exactly can a project be considered successful? Our analysis shows…
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Innovation projects – How to break through even the most difficult logjams!
Project teams often find themselves tied up in knots. They reach a point where they see little clarity and a lot of confusion. There are many possible next steps but which one is the right one? Well intended words of wisdom – “Ahh, now all you have to do is…. – in fact offer little help. The key is often to tap into your own well-founded inner knowledge, a trick that is easier said than done.
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Jim Collins’ book “Good to Great”, changed how I look at the term innovation.
Collins asks, and answers, the question: Can a good company become a great one and, if so, how? His team of over twenty analysts studied more than 1400 companies for five years. The results, structured around the following themes, are fascinating:

  • Level 5 CEO's
  • First who, then what
  • Confront the brutal facts (Yet never lose faith)
  • The hedgehog concept (Simplicity within three circles)
  • A culture of discipline
  • The flywheel effect

Innovation plays an important if subsidiary role as an accelerator of a company’s success.
The book may not be the newest but its insights are still extremely valuable.
Read my summary (PDF-Dokument in german) and also visit www.jimcollins.com


Descartes’ eternal cogito ergo sum has been usefully updated: amo ergo sum, I love therefore I am.
Christina Kessler’s philosophy and worldview fascinates and irritates me at the same time. In any case, her work is worth studying.
You can read a sample (in german) and also visit www.amoergosum.de